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Reopening Society after COVID-19

It has been made apparent that the world is currently experiencing an epidemic that seems to have no precedent. Our governments and economies have not experienced an epidemic in a modern age where information spreads so quickly. Of course, there have been other epidemics, many that have been even more deadly; but there hasn’t been an epidemic that has instilled a universal level of fear such as the coronavirus.

The effects the coronavirus has had on people all over the world is taking its toll. Considering the severity the threat the coronavirus poses to our societies, a major question we all must consider is how to go about safely opening up our economies.

Experts suggest that no matter what type of response plans governments and economies have prepared, the economy post COVID-19 will be a different one. Many business sectors are being forced to quickly develop new safety procedures as well as collaboration efforts in order to participate in the new coronavirus environment.

Already we have seen many businesses suffer due to the effects of the coronavirus. For major sectors of the economy- retail, transportation, hospitality- it may be a very long time for employment and customer levels to come back to where they were pre COVID-19 economic environment. If employment and customer levels do return to where they were, it will most certainly be in an altered form, and both groups will have an expectation of adequate safety measures.

As the time draws closer for the economy to begin to reopen, businesses, local authorities, and especially the transportation sector are looking to put policies into place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. From simple rules of social distancing to temperature checks at doorways, it is clear that society is expecting these measures to remain prominent.

It is clear that customers are going to expect to see tangible efforts from business in order to combat the spread of the virus. Experts have suggested that the adherence to social distancing does have its benefits, but it may not be enough to give customers the confidence to return to businesses they are used to dealing with.

According to Chloe Demrovsky, the CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International, “Customers are going to be demanding not just assumptions of safety but visible steps and measures that companies are taking.” This is where fever control surveillance technology will prove useful, especially when it comes to local authorities and the transportation sector.


Technology such as a Non-contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer can help in quickly surveying a large number of people without being overly intrusive. The device is able to take the temperature of people at many different locations due to its size and mobility. This scanner is just one part of a temperature surveillance collection many people expect to see out in the economy.

In order to further the goal of being unobtrusive when it comes to utilizing temperature surveillance, there is also a product called ‘Non-contact Automatic Human Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Imagery HT300.’ By using this thermal imagery camera, businesses, local authorities, and transportation ports will be able to scan temperatures in crowds. Not only will this leave traffic uninterrupted, but most often the crowd will be completely unaware.

Transportation systems are expected to adapt quickly with modern technology that will give people the confidence to travel as well as send and receive goods. Many transportation agencies are being forced to make extensive investments in order to handle the current crisis we are in as well as the environment we will face as transportation begins to normalize in the new post COVID-19 environment.

By putting the right procedures into action in order to monitor individuals who may exhibit symptoms, local authorities and other facets of the economy have a large advantage over the spread of the coronavirus. An example of this is the possibility of airports replacing their metal detection technology with systems that are able to scan temperatures and serve as metal detectors.

Investing in this technology is going to become a common practice for many different businesses as well as authorities in all areas of the economy. The investment doesn’t have to be one of an unreasonable cost. With a temp scanner such as the one as above, agencies who invest in this technology are saving lives. With an investment in something like the scanner above, agencies have the ability to help with mass fever control and surveillance. Even while wearing a mask, this thermal temperature scanner is able to track an individual’s face.

An especially impressive aspect to the current temperature surveillance technology available is that of the ‘temperature detection automatic sterilizing spray disinfectant gate tunnel machine.’ This product is designed to not only detect temperatures and track a face, it is also capable of disinfecting using a disinfectant spray as well as UV disinfectant lights.

In many different areas of the United States, in addition to other areas of the world, news is arriving stating that the curve is flattening in terms of new cases. It is being reported that fatality levels are below what has been projected. This is due to the action that has been taken from the many agencies in our economies as well as the utilization of modern technology to fight the spread of the virus.

The fight against the spread of the coronavirus must not be slowed. It is time, while this disastrous experience is in the front of our minds, to continue to develop ways to prepare for infectious disease prevention. The economy must begin to open up, and people are expecting businesses, local authorities, and transportation agencies to take action. By using temperature tracking surveillance these aspects of our economy can show members of society that everything is being done to help keep them safe as they do their best to resume their normal lives.

All businesses must have a plan. In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, people can expect to see economies implementing safety measures that will be utilized by local businesses, authorities, and transportation agencies. For more information on these items and more please visit www.temperaturescanneruk.com